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Welcome to my new venture! I have been event planning for over 10 years now and thought I would share some of my ideas and methods with the world. You will just have to bear with me while I get all the information out of my head and onto this site.

I don’t like the idea of spending the amount of a down payment on a house on a wedding. There are so many cost saving ideas floating out their in the world, it just takes a little effort to find them. I will tell you about many on this site. Especially the ones I use most frequently.

I pretty much only do weddings that cost under $5000 and the only reason why I had one go that high is because the couple hired me after they had already paid for some items and services. My own wedding cost me a little over $1000, and I loved it. Not everyone has the money to pay for a big expensive wedding. I know I certainly didn’t, and even if I had I still would have done it the way I did. So if you don’t have big money for a wedding? So what! You can still have an absolutely amazing day you will never forget. I make all the centerpieces and bouquets and such myself. I do all the decor myself. Basically I hunt down the most cost efficient solution for each element of the wedding. I’ve even been known to make a cake or two.

I really hope that some people eventually find this site helpful. I will constantly be adding content and ideas to the site so check back often! And feel free to send me any comments or questions you may have.

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