I am not one to wear fancy, expensive jewelry. It makes me paranoid to think about it falling off and getting lost. So I got my engagement and wedding rings at Piercing Pagoda. And let me tell you, I have gotten so many wonderful compliments! Everyone thinks that they are actually diamonds and white gold. This is the exact engagement ring that I wear:


And this is very close to my wedding band:


There are so many wonderful places to get a less costly options on your wedding jewelry. Remember, this doesn’t just include rings. It can also include necklaces, bracelets and earrings for yourself and your party.┬áMy mother is in love with the brand 1928. They offer some amazing antique style jewelry that is just simply stunning. Some of pieces are spot on for weddings. I also like Chamilia, jewelry.com and Sears (Where I got my sapphire/white gold ring for about $125, and yes it is actually real). This actually pretty close to it, but mine has 2 diamonds on the left instead of one:


There are so many others as well, you just have to find them. Even Kohl’s has decently priced jewelry. That is where we got my husbands Tungsten ring for about $75, not the he ever wears it…


If you do still want those classic diamonds, there are certainly ways to get better prices in those as well. Don’t forget about the power of clearance! There are also sites on the internet that off great deals on diamond and precious metal jewelry. You would also be surprised what you can find on eBay. Granted bidding on items is not guaranteed but sometime you can get real lucky.

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