Wedding cakes can be some of the most amazing works of art, but can also be incredibly pricey. Almost anyway you look at, you will most likely find that your wedding dress and cake will be some of the highest price items for your wedding. I used to have a wonderful cake maker that didn’t cost a fortune but unfortunately I had to let her go. After that I had to find other alternatives. And one that actually kinda amazed was places like Stop and Shop and Walmart. I had a very good friend that had a Stop and Shop cake for her wedding and it was stunning. It was multi-tiered with bridges leading to side cakes and beautiful roses.

It is possible to even take a plain white grocery store cake and make it look fit for a queen. I usually start with some 1” to 2” satin ribbon and wrap it around the base of the cake. You can use some tape to connect the ends together, you will need to remove in order to cut it. Now where you connected the ribbon together is a prime place to add more decorations. I personally prefer to use fresh flowers but there are many other choices. You can even wrap flowers all around the base. If you like something on the top instead or in addition to the ribbon, you can add flowers there as well or even fresh fruit. There is so much room to get creative as you want. But, it’s a good idea to try it out first on a white plate or another cake for your family to eat first. You should hopefully end up with something similar to this (Although this one is multi-layered):


You can still elaborate on this idea some more with tier separators (although these seem to be less popular now), additional decorations or more texturing on the cake, to name a few.


Adding silver non-pareil candies adds a very nice touch.


You can also have the bakery put decoration on for you, this can affect the price of course. But even just having them put white bordering around the top and/or bottom can help with the ideas above. Some bakeries can do the whole thing to the details that you desire, granted it’s more money but if you are the type of person with not one single artsy bone then this helps. I’m not sure if my friend had the bakery do it or not but I know that I could recreate the look myself. And no it doesn’t take someone with loads of talent to pull this stuff off! Just some determination and sometimes some failed attempts, been there plenty of times myself.

If you don’t know what the stores in your area provide, I would suggest checking into multiple stores. Thank God for the internet! After you find a decently priced store, go in and tell them exactly what you are looking for and see how much they would charge you in the end for it. If it’s too much, then go simpler and dress it up yourself like I suggested above.

If your wedding has a particular theme then you can get very creative. A friend of mine is planning on getting married and he wants me to be his wedding planner. They are thinking of having a Goth theme, something that I have never done before. I already have some great ideas in mind. Goth does not have to be pure black thankfully. I was thinking of playing with either dark reds or purples, depending on what they would prefer. There are some amazing darker shade flowers out there are amazingly beautiful. Maybe something like:


Your decorations don’t have to limited to flowers either. It’s great to think outside of the box. I’ve found that things like lace work great. The best thing to do is to go to the craft store and just look around to get ideas.


Fruit also makes a great medium.  I did a cake once with strawberry roses on the top with kiwi petals, even something like mint would work great. You can also place it around the base:


Wedding cake don’t always to be elaborate. They can be simple and still look amazing. Sometimes simple is even better.


And who said it had to be a cake at all! There is the ever popular cupcake “cake” that is quite popular right now.


Just remember, no idea is a bad idea. Just test your ideas out ahead of time and see how they look. If you don’t like the results, don’t get discouraged, just try something else! In the end you will end up with the perfect wedding cake for you!


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